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Motobecane Bicycles


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Published: February 20, 2011

Motobecane USA is not related to the French company Motobecane which made bikes from 1923 until 1981 when it went bankrupt, was bought by Yamaha, and became MBK cycles, still French, and very much involved in European bicycle racing. The name comes from the French word Moto for motorcycle and Becane for bike.

Motobecane USA has its frames produced in Taiwan and it is known for turning out exceptionally light production bikes with great components at reasonable prices. Similarly spec’d bikes sell for much more. A strong attribute of these bicycles is stability, whether in a pack of riders or on a long, winding descent.

Motobecane models include:

Le Champion Team Titanium

Advanced, Geometrically enhanced, butted 3/2.5 Titanium tubing with a plush riding, sweet handling High Modulus 3K Carbon fiber Monocoque fork. Equipped with professional grade Shimano 10 Speed Technology. Dura-Ace 7900 20-Speed Derailleurs (front and rear). Dura-Ace 7900 integrated shifter/brake carbon composite levers. Dura-Ace 7900 Crankset, Ritchey WCS Bar, WCS Stem, Ritchey WCS Seatpost and Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheelset. Superlight at a feathery 15.75 to 16.5 lbs.

Sizes / Color
48cm | 51cm | 53cm | 56cm | 59cm / BrushedTitanium with Clearcoat

Century Team

The Century Team is equipped with a Triple Ring crankset for more climbing gears. The Century series are the top of the carbon foodchain with a Monocoque High-Modulus Carbon Fiber frame and available High-Modulus Carbon Fiber fork. Century Carbon frames are engineered from +HIGH MODULUS 12k Weave Carbon Fiber Monocoque with advanced extreme high-pressure, bladder-molded Monocoque construction. ResponseShape downtube design. QuadSection chainstays for optimum power transfer. OrganicForm seatstays for rider ergonomics, comfort and compliance. FlowThrough top tube, continuous line extending to the monostay for a more beautiful shape and ride quality.

Sizes / Color
50cm | 53cm | 55cm | 58cm | 61cm / BlackCarbonweave with Clearcoat

Fantom Team

At a mere 24.3 pounds the Fantom Team is purpose-built for the XC warrior with parts that have seen the podium of World Championships countless times. The Fantom Team is a jaw-dropping super-light XC Racing full-suspension machine, Our Active4B adjustable rear suspension linkage provides up to 5 inches of plush travel. Front and rear suspension have available lockout/platform via advanced MotionControl.

Sizes / Color
SM (16.5″/42cm) | MD (18.5″/47cm) | LG (20.5″/52cm) Brushed Aluminum with Clearcoat

FLY Team 29er Titanium SRAM XX

The FLY Team 29er Titanium SRAM XX edition is a major part of any XC warrior’s arsenal. Equipped with parts that have seen the podium of World Championships countless times. The precision butted 3AL/2.5V Titanium frame is incredibly durable, responsive and comfortable. The FLY Team 29er Titanium SRAM XX edition is one of the lightest XC Racing hardtails one may ever see with 29 inch wheels.

Sizes / Color
15.5 inch | 17.5 inch | 19 inch | 21 inch Brushed Titanium with Clearcoat

400 HT LTD Edition

The awesome parts spec includes an adjustable RST fork with advanced lockout and adjustable pre-load, competitive race quality 24 Speed Shimano Alivio parts and powerful Tektro disc brakes.

The advanced engineered aluminum frame is one of the best on a mountain bike selling for less than $600. It features custom 6061 aluminum with Trail-Tuned Stays, multi-profile section chainstays, gussetted downtube, forged rear dropouts with replaceable rear derailleur hanger, 2x H2O bosses, and International Standard rear disc mounts.

Sizes / Color
13 inch | 15 inch | 17 inch | 19 inch | 21 inch | 23 inch / Slate


From the 400HT to the 700HT, all share an Advanced Engineered Aluminum Frame. This frame is best-in-class and one of the best we have seen on any mountain bike selling for less than $1500. Features Custom 7005 Aluminum Trail-Tuned POWER STAYS, box section chainstays, bi-axial gussetted downtube, sculpted rear dropouts with replaceable rear derailleur hanger, 2x H2O bosses, International Standard rear disc mounts. A light biclcle at 28.3 lbs.

Sizes / Color
15inch | 17inch | 19inch | 21inch | 23inch / BallBrushed Aluminum with Clearcoat

Grand Sprint

The Grand Sprint frame is handmade with great care from lightweight 7005 Aluminum, Fully Double-Butted for a resilient ride and even more comfort comes from the Kinesis Carbon Fiber fork and vibration damping Carbon Seat Stays. Equipped with professional grade Shimano 10 Speed Technology Ultegra 6700 20-Speed. FSA Carbon Crankset, Ritchey Bar, Stem and Seatpost with a Vuelta Wheelset.

Sizes / Color
48cm | 50cm | 52cm | 54cm | 56cm | 58cm | 60cm | 62cm / GlossSilver with Clearcoat

Cafe Noir

The Cafe Noir is faster than a Hybrid or Comfort bike and more comfy than a Road Bike. Cafe bikes are road bikes with flat bars and adjustable stems so you can ride with more comfort and control than a regular road bike and far greater speed than a hybrid or comfort bike.

The Motobecane Cafe Noir comforts you with the superior ride of a meticulously handcrafted Reynolds 520DB Chromoly frame and Pro Quality MWings Kinesis Comp Carbon Fiber Fork, Shimano WHR-500 Wheelset and durable, competition quality Shimano 105 components. The Cafe Noir improves upon the Cafe Latte with even smoother riding, shifting and comfort!

The smooth ride and stable handling is perfect for those relaxing weekend tours of the countryside.

Sizes / Color
49 | 52 | 54 | 56 | 58 | 61cm Gloss Black

Recent bike reviews and media quotes about Motobecane bicycles include:

“The price of the Team le Champion seemed so low, we called the company three times to check. But it’s right!”

“Light. Stiff. Nimble. Affordable Dura-Ace. Legendary name…A machine that performs as well as bikes costing twice as much..Eager to drive into corners, this bike is perfect for criteriums..Motobecane did not skimp on the frame – it’s Kinesis-built unit mimics the setups raced by top pros.”
– BICYCLING (reviewing the Team le Champion)

“The Motobecane X4B 4.0 offers a nice package at an exceptional price. It doesn’t look like Motobecane skimped on anything. You would be hard-pressed to find a better bike at this price.”

“It’s amazing spec for the money.”
– BICYCLING (reviewing the X4B 6.0)

“Frame, fork, wheels and Ultegra parts kit make this bike a steal…Right out of the driveway, the geometry makes you feel confident. The frame is resilient for an aluminum frame, meaning it is quite stiff but can be taken out for long rides without regret.”
– FITNESS CYCLING (reviewing the Le Champion)

“The FLY 9357 from Motobecane USA is the lightest production hardtail available for under a thousand bucks. The 2.7 pound frame is precision welded from high strength Kinesium aluminum that is 40% stronger than 6061 or 7005 series aluminum.”
“On the straight and narrow tucked in behind someone or in a group, this bike is quick. Descending is a hoot, it gathers speed quickly and blows down descents with ease. Drop the Le Champion into a tight turn and hold on. it’s a nimble handler and took curves without issue. The strength of this bike is that it does everything well.”
– ROAD (reviewing the Le Champion SL)

“One of our first concerns with the Le Champion was that it may be too light! However, the reduced weight of the bike makes accelerating and climbing feel almost effortless. IT IS THE LIGHTEST ROAD BIKE THAT WE HAVE EVER RIDDEN AT 6401 GRAMS, MAKING IT ULTRA FAST AND RAISING THE BAR FOR SUPER-LIGHT RACE MACHINES.”
– ROAD (reviewing the Le Champion Ten)

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    4:29 am on September 25th, 2011

    Thk diamondback full suspension mountain bike is cool.

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