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Gary Fisher 29er Bicycles


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Published: November 4, 2009

Gary Fisher talks about the genesis of his 29ers and the technology involved in them. Learn why bigger wheels on a mountain bike make for a better ride.

G2 Geometry

The models are: HiFi Pro 29, HiFi Deluxe 29, and HiFi Plus 29.

A 29er that handles better than a 26” wheeled bike.

  • G2 for 29ers have an exclusive and increased 51mm offset fork, reducing the trail to that of a 26” wheeled bike for neutral, instinctive handling
  • G2 offset only available on Fisher 29ers
  • Fit smaller riders – the small frame can fit riders down to about 5’0” due to increased G2 fork offset for less toe overlap
  • The wheelbase remains the same for high speed stability. The amount of trail is reduced for more neutral handling at slow speed, and the cockpit was shortened to allow the rider to weight the front wheel more effectively.
  • Increased fork offset = Reduced trail = quicker steering
  • Decreased reach = improved ability to weigh front wheel
  • Wheelbase remains the same = Retains climbing, descending ability

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