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Most Popular Bicycle Brands


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Published: April 12, 2013

There are many brands of bicycles but below is a summary of the most popular bicycle makers with their most popular bike styles and niche. The list is arranged by popularity.

Bike Maker   Bicycle Types   Main Type   Price Range   Company Info
Trek   Road, Mountain,
  Excels in Multiple Categories   $400 – $12K   Currently the most popular bicycle brand. Makes bikes in every category. Trek is the bike of choice for many pro riders in the mountain and road categories.
Schwinn   Leisure, Family Bicycles   Cruiser   $60 – $2,500   Schwinn makes bikes in most categories but specializes in leisure bicycles. Founded in 1895, Schwinn became the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles through most of the 20th century.
Specialized   Road, Mountain, Commuter, Kids   Mountain   $400 – $12K   Claim to be first mass produced mountain bike. Has expanded into all the other categories including road, racing, hybrid, and touring.
GT   Mountain, Road, BMX   Mountain   $150 – $4K   The nation’s leading supplier of bicycle motocross “BMX,” bicycles and one of the nation’s biggest sellers of adult mountain bikes, as well as over 4,500 different parts and accessories. The company designs, manufactures, and markets 143 mid- to premium-priced bicycle models.
Mongoose   BMX, Downhill, Free ride, All Mountain, Hardtail, Dirt Jump, Commuter   BMX   $80 – $2,300   A spin-off of BMX Products, Mongoose focuses on mountain, downhill, and free-style riding. It is now a brand of Pacific Cycle.
Raleigh   Road, Mountain, Hybrid, Performance Hybrid, Comfort, Cruiser, Women   Road, Hybrid   $130 – $1,500   Originating in Great Britain, Raleigh has long been considered a USA company. Raleigh’s most popular bike type is road. However, they now produce bicycles in almost every category.
Diamondback   Full Suspension, Mountain Hardtail, Road, Hybrid, Performance Hybrid, Dual Sport, Comfort, Cruiser, BMX   Full Suspension, Mountain Hardtail   $120 – $1,500   A division of Raleigh, Diamondback’s emphasis has been mountain bikes but it currently makes a full range of cycles in almost every category.
Electra   Cruiser, Comfort, Hybrid   Cruiser Bicycles   $200 – $300   The company focused on cruiser bikes when they were founded in 1993. They offer a wide range of modern cruiser bicycles and are credited with re-popularizing the bikes. Electra bikes stress comport rather than speed.
Fuji   Road, Mountain, Comfort   Road   $200 – $5K   Fuji was at one time the most popular bicycle brand mainly focused on road bikes. After changes in market demand they began to produce other types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes.
Bianchi   Road, Racing, Comfort, Track, Mountain, Comfort/Cruiser   Racing   $200 – $12K   An Italian company with an exclusive division in the USA, Bianchi excels at road and race bicycles.
Huffy   Children’s bikes, Scooters, Women’s bikes, Comfort, Cruiser, Tricycles   Child   $35 – $200   Huffy is a low end consumer brand of marginal quality. They made their first bicycle in 1892. By 2006, Huffy had sold more than 100 million bicycles. They mostly sell children’s bicycles.
Scott Sports   Mountain, Road, Hybrid, Women’s, Junior’s, Mountain Frames, Road Frames, Clothing   Mountain   $300 – $6K   They focus mainly on Mountain bikes and ski equipment, but also make road, hybrid, and women’s bicycles. They try to stay ahead with cutting edge technology such as the lightest weight bike frames.
Cannondale   Road, Mountain, Recreation/Urban, Women’s, Headshok Forks   Mountain   $500 – $10K (Most in $1,500 – $2,500 range)   Cannondale pioneered light weight Bicycle frames using Aluminium and Carbon. They began manufacturing aluminum racing and touring frames in 1983, with mountain bike frames added later.
Jamis   Mountain Full Suspension and Hardtail, Women’s, Road/Triathlon,
Street/Commuting, Bike Path/Comfort
  Comfort/Cruiser   $200 – $9,000   Jamis, based in Florida, introduced the Earth Cruiser, a beach cruiser, in 1979. They later expanded into road racing and mountain bikes. The off-road Dragon and on-road Eclipse were the first American-made production bikes to have Reynolds 853 tubing on their frames.
Sun Bicycles   Adult Trike, Bike Path, Comfort, Cruiser, Recumbent, Tandem, Trailers, Unicycles   Tricycles, Recumbent   Under $200 for kids bikes to $2K for recumbent tricycles.   Sun has carved a niche selling alternative bicycles, tricycles, recumbent, and trailers. Sun Bicycles’ HT-3 Hand-Trike is designed to get persons with disabilities out riding. It features a hand powered, 3-Speed Shimano drive train.
Gary Fisher   Mountain, Road, Commuter   Mountain   $500 – $6K   The Gary Fisher line (Gary Fisher Collection) of bicycles is a brand owned and manufactured by Trek Bicycles. The brand honors and is managed by famous mountain bike developer and rider, Gary Fisher.
RedLine   BMX Race, Freestyle, Cyclocross, MTB, Commute, Fitness   BMX   Up to $600   Redline has a long history being associated with BMX racing. Later, they expanded into mountain bikes. They are often referred to as the original BMX bicycle manufacturer.
Kona   Dual Suspension, Hardtail, Mountain, MTB, 29er, Cyclocross, Road, Women’s, Kid’s   Mountain   $400 – $6,400   Kona primarily focuses on mountain bikes and all its variants. However, they also offer bicycles in other categories such as Road, Women’s, and Kid’s.
Iron Horse   Mountain   Mountain   $70 – $2,600   Currently, their new bicycles are only sold in Europe. However, their used bicycles can be found in classified ads and auction sites in the USA.
Rocky Mountain   Mountain, Road, Women’s   Mountain   $1,600 – $5,700   Rocky Mountain Bicycles’ main concentration is on Mountain bikes. They sell 29 different mountain bike models and 9 frames.
Litespeed   Frames, Road, Mountain, Women’s, Tandem, Custom   Frames   $2,000 – $38K   Litespeed specializes in light weight Titanium frame assemblies using the latest welding techniques. They mostly sell bicycle frames to other brands, who then put their own names on the bikes. They do, however, offer Road, Mountain, and Women’s bikes with the Litespeed name.
Marin   Mountain (Full Suspension and Hardtail), Road, , Kids, Cyclocross, Street, Path   Mountain   $200 – $4,500   This San Francisco Bay Area bike maker primarily focuses on mountain bikes that can handle the rigors of the Tamapias Hill in the North Bay. Recently, they have expanded to offer bicycles in most popular categories.
Terry Precision Cycling   Performance, Fitness, Hybrid, Custom   Bikes, clothing, and saddles for Women   $35 – $6K   the company specializes in bicycles and clothing for women but has grown to make offerings for everyone. They are big on customer satisfaction.
Haro Bikes   BMX, MTB/Asphalt   BMX   $200 – $700   Haro bicycles specializes in small BMX bikes for stunt riding. They have expanded into mountain and road bikes with BMX themes.
Lamond   Road Racing Bikes, Stationary Bikes   Stationary Bikes   $300 – $1K   Started by racer Greg Lamond. They specialized in road racing bicycles but currently sell only stationary bikes and coaching services. The bikes can still be found in the secondary marketplace.
Surly Bikes   Mountain, Trail, Bicycle Messenger, Single-Speed, Long-Tail, Frames, Bicycle Trailers   Bicycle Frames   $800 – $2K   They offer frames and bikes in 7 different categories: cyclocross, fixed-gear, touring, 29er hardtail, utility, road, and all terrain. Their all terrain bike is unique in that it has fork and rear triangle wide enough to accept 4" wide tires.
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  2. Admin
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