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Beach Cruisers

Beach cruiser bicycles can be considered an “old school” or a “vintage” style of bicycle since their history dates back to the 1930’s. Beach cruisers were very popular in the 1930’s through 1950’s. Beginning in the 1960’s, the beach cruiser began to sag in popularity. The bicycle market began to get crowded with a variety of other bicycle options including: sport style road bikes, mountain bikes, and others. Many consumers preferred the multi-speed capability of road bikes, off-road capability of mountain bikes, and in some cases the lighter weight and easier portability offered by competing styles of bikes.

Beginning sometime in the 1990’s, the beach cruiser bicycle began to experience a new big surge in popularity. Bicycle buyers began again to appreciate the classic vintage style, simple construction, maximum comfort, and simple operation of beach cruisers. From the 1990’s through today, bike buyers continue to be drawn to beach cruiser bikes for their style, affordability, and simplicity. Beach rider bicycles are flashy, sturdy, comfortable, safe, and unique. Their design is such that they give maximum balance and grip on roads and sand. Beach cruisers are best suited for flat terrain and do not feature the high tech gizmos of many modern bikes. Often associated with beach towns in Southern California, they are also quite popular on school campuses, oceanfront beach communities elsewhere around the world, fairly flat rural areas, and in many large urban cities.

The bulk of beach bikes are made of steel. People who live near the beach or take their bike to the beach regularly are better off with frames, forks and rims made of aluminum. Aluminum beach bikes are lighter weight and virtually rust proof. Beach cruiser bikes are characterized by the following features: wide balloon style tires from 1.5 to 2 inches wide, upright seating position, simple construction, single speed, three speed and up to seven speed operation with an internal hub, and a comfortable saddle seat design, a wider seat than other bicycle types. Most seats use a memory foam type cushion which really adds to the comfort. Most modern day cruisers have the gears attached to the grips of the bike. On some cruisers the brake levers aren’t on the handlebars. Instead, they are at the pedals. These are called coaster brakes, which mean you have to reverse pedal to slow down or stop. Coaster brakes are safer for smaller children while hand brakes may be used once a child is over 9 years old.

There are several cruiser designs and models and the bikes come in a large array of styles and colors. They come in different sizes too for young children through older adults. If a riding area is hillier, a multi speed beach cruiser is recommended. Nearly every major bike manufacturer makes at least one cruiser model. In the last ten years, beach bicycles have been made to be faster than in the past. High quality bicycles offer a smooth, comfortable ride. High end models require very little maintenance and thus in the long run provide a better value for the money.

Beach lowrider bikes are a stylish and popular style of bicycle. The first lowrider was said to have been rode during the 1960’s television show, “The Munsters.” Eddie Munster rode a Schwinn Stingray. Lowriders, constructed close to the ground, have high handlebars, broad tires, a long wheelbase and offer a casual, laid back riding position. Handlebars are deigned to position the arms at eye-level. While seen in all different parts of the U.S., they’re most popular in urban areas. Low-rider bikes are not made for going fast. Riders sitting up straight make these bikes less painful on the back and handlebars are at a comfortable height too. An under the seat shock absorber and wider tires help to keep the ride smooth. These bikes are easy to manage and ride too due to the fact that most lowrider bikes only have one speed. Beach cruiser low rider bikes can also quickly become a statement of your personality and creativity. There are many things you can do to your lowrider bike to make it into a personal statement, including hand painting, unusual components, and hydraulics.

Another type of cruiser is the Stretch Cruiser with added frame length, an elongated frame with a “chopper” feel. Stretch cruisers are a good choice for those looking to purchase a cruiser that differs greatly from a basic cruiser design. This type of cruiser provides a more stretched out or laid back ride, with the pedals being in front of a person’s body.

Numerous accessories are available to customize a beach cruiser. There are different color seats, a huge selection of bike baskets which can be placed at the back of the bike to carry essential goods, bags that are smaller in size than baskets, bike lights, bottle holders, rear view mirrors, extended handlebars, various custom fenders, different type horns or beach ball style ringers, just about anything you can think of. This is a style of bike that people really go all out to decorate to give it their own unique signature.

New cruisers sell for as little as $129. Many cost around $250, less than a tenth the price of some fancy road bikes. Major cruiser brands include the Electra Bicycle Company, Schwinn, Raleigh, Jamis, Nirve, Trek, Felt Bicycles, Kustom Kruiser, sixthreezero cruisers, and Aero-Fast.

In a world of hi-tech gadgets and overly complicated bicycle technology, there are a lot of folks out there who appreciate riding a good old fashioned beach cruiser bicycle.